PeriscopeIQ is a leading provider of on-demand business intelligence.

Driven by innovation and embedded with expertise, our powerful, configurable and user-friendly solutions provide clients with strategically relevant real-time intelligence, not just data, and enable them to make better business decisions and drive performance improvements.

We are committed to understanding your goals and objectives and designing the best solution to address your needs. To achieve this, we are uniquely committed to modeling solutions and integrating science and rigor to assure the most accurate possible intelligence. But we don’t just talk about intelligence, we deliver it. PeriscopeIQ offers:

  • A true enterprise solution for every level of management
  • A modeling approach combining our expertise and your perspectives to ensure the right information is collected
  • A dedication to integrate science and rigor into our systems and methodologies, ensuring the highest level of accuracy
  • Metrics, benchmarks and reports that you can actually use because they compress the wisdom of the data into a few manageable numbers
  • On-demand solutions that require limited IT resources and can be implemented quickly
  • 24x7, online, real-time access to your intelligence

Find out more about why PeriscopeIQ is the right choice for your company:

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Commitment to personalized client servicearrow

Innovative methodologiesarrow

Advanced analytical capabilitiesarrow

Leading-edge technology platformarrow

Successful track record of innovation with resultsarrow

Highly experienced staffarrow

If you are fueled by a desire to make better business decisions, we invite you to contact us to arrange a consultation and demo.

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