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Employee Insights

Tap into your most valuable in-house data bank...your employees

Organizations are increasingly recognizing their human resources or human capital as one of their most critical assets. As part of this shift in thinking, the bar for HR professionals is being raised significantly. As a result, today's HR professionals need to possess a world-class human resources toolkit that enables them to focus on what they really need to - "human capital". This is where PeriscopeIQ can help. We have built a world-class human resources toolkit.


Organization Culture System (OCS)

Our organizational cultural assessment identifies the ethos of the organization by accessing those who know it best - your employees. It outlines all the areas of employee engagement, organizational strengths and weaknesses and profiles the company's values and beliefs for enhancing organizational performance.


Our breakthrough 360 employee-assessment system evaluates relationships and ratings, and provides assessments of employee competencies by individual feedback.

Periscope360 is designed to handle all types of assessments, including:

  • Competency-based assessments
  • Goals-based assessments
  • Combination assessments
  • User-designed assessments
  • Group or departmental assessments

Periscope360 not only automates relationship and data integrity, but also completely automates analysis and reporting, creating competency maps and offering query capabilities. Whether by job families, departments, strategic business units or the whole company - the entire process is streamlined for ease of administration and is designed to drive your performance management, leadership development and pay-for-performance programs.

Training Evaluation

Remaining competitive requires a significant investment in training your employees. Measuring the effectiveness of these programs, however, is not easy. Training assessments tend to focus on the classroom experience rather than outcomes. We have perfected a system that measures both training needs and outcomes through employee and supervisory feedback. The result is a significantly more efficient use of training dollars.


PeriscopeEXIT is a strategic exit interview system that allows you to capture valuable feedback from exiting employees through a systematic and anonymous intelligence engine. By offering Third Party Anonymity (TPA), PeriscopeEXIT removes the bias that typically exists with traditional employee exit interviewing. As with all PeriscopeIQ solutions, PeriscopeEXIT includes powerful data integration and analysis tools that allow you easy, secure access to the intelligence in real-time.

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Paper: Achieving Breakthrough Returns On Human Capital

By adopting new innovative solutions that utilize science and technology, human resource professionals have an opportunity to bring revolutionary change to this critical asset.

- By Dr. Pawan Singh and Dr. Mohamed Latib, PeriscopeIQ