PeriscopeIQ is a leading provider of on-demand business intelligence.

Unique Methodology

It's not just what we do, but how we do it that makes PeriscopeIQ an industry leader

We have created rigorous study designs and methodologies based on proprietary research and knowledge, innovative thinking, advanced statistical theory and practical considerations. We have embedded our extensive learnings into every one of our assessments.

Furthermore, one of the most critical elements of collecting reliable and valid intelligence is embodied in the "art of asking". When gathering information from people, correctly constructing the right questions is critical. In fact, most surveys fail the "art of asking" test. Questions must be guided by their purpose and their meaning must be easily understood. Our team of experts works with our clients to ensure the right questions are asked in order to deliver actionable intelligence from the results.

Once designed, we test all assessment instruments for validity. At PeriscopeIQ, we do not administer instruments that have not been thoroughly examined and tested by our team of experts.

The result of this thorough process is a suite of solutions that are the best-in-class, online business intelligence engines for gathering data and instantly transforming data into aggregate analytical reports - delivering insights instantaneously.

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