PeriscopeIQ is a leading provider of on-demand business intelligence.

Proprietary Technology Platform

We obsess over our technology so that you don't have to

PeriscopeIQ offers a revolutionary business intelligence platform with knowledge-embedded technology that drives scientifically robust and strategically relevant results. We custom built the platform from the ground up with one goal in mind: delivering actionable business intelligence for our clients.

Features and Benefits:

1. Embedded knowledge

We've embedded over a decade of industry experience into the platform's technology. Unlike other "market research" or "enterprise feedback" companies, we don't attempt to fit a square peg into a round hole. Across all of the industries we serve and the solutions we offer, the PeriscopeIQ business intelligence platform understands the technicalities, nuances, rules and language of the people who will be using it and adapts accordingly.

2. Built-in validation

Asymptotic convergence. IP address verification. IntelliClean. Sufficing detection. These might not be terms that are familiar to you, but they are very important to us. They are the scientific underpinnings built into our PeriscopeIQ platform that help ensure the information you are receiving is accurate and free from errors, whether they be incidental or the result of fraud. It's just one difference between data and actionable business intelligence.

3. Flexible design and deployment

PeriscopeIQ takes "user friendly" to a completely new level. Sure, our platform allows anyone to build, deploy and manage surveys easily from any computer in the world. But that's just the beginning. The platform supports 143 languages and all global currencies seamlessly. With its extensive flow control, features such as skips and piping are just a click away. You can design custom questions or select from PeriscopeIQ's extensive database of questions. We even hired psychologists to study the behavior of respondents and designed our layout to maximize response rates and accuracy. You might say we're obsessed with making our platform easy to use.

4. Metrics that matter

PeriscopeIQ goes well beyond delivering charted data, trend analysis and balanced scorecards. We use our expertise and the PeriscopeIQ platform's technology to help clients embed metrics and reporting tools directly into the back-end of their surveys. This allows complex weightings and calculations to be completed instantly and without the need to import data into a spreadsheet or reporting program first. Results are delivered in easy-to-use reports or dashboards instantly.

5. Fully hosted solution

PeriscopeIQ is a fully hosted software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This means that there are no client-side equipment requirements and that nearly 100% of the IT is handled by us. We offer secure hosting using high-end server and software infrastructure systems with 24x7 monitoring of server systems.

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Delivering results:

1. Over 5 million surveys deployed

2. Ability to design complex surveys in just minutes and deploy to an unlimited number of recipients with a single click

3. Unmatched error and fraud detection

4. Instant reporting of metrics, not raw data