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Customer Intelligence

You've never gotten to know your customers quite like this before

Customer intelligence has taken on a new level of importance. Whereas high customer satisfaction and loyalty used to be something to strive for, today it is critical to a business's survival. Similarly, the litmus tests and general canvassing that companies used in the past to measure customer satisfaction are not sufficiently specific or accurate to inform the mission critical business decisions managers are facing today.

PeriscopeIQ's customer intelligence solutions are designed to address the needs and challenges facing organizations today by providing clients with insights that show specifically how to align strategy to customer needs in a way that impacts your bottom line.

Our customer intelligence solutions are based on three key principles:

1. Customer satisfaction studies must be detailed, reliable and accurate

2. Customer satisfaction measurements must be benchmarked and tracked over time to be meaningful

3. These studies must highlight for management specific and actionable issues that impact their customers' satisfaction


Customer Experience Value Assessment (CEVA)

CEVA is a fully integrated, customer feedback and management system, which includes web survey collection and portal reporting with actionable reports and scorecards.

With CEVA, organizations get a clear, reliable view into their customers' experiences, whether the customers are shoppers in a store, large B2B clients or companies along your supply chain. CEVA distills customers' feedback into a few meaningful metrics, accompanied by specific, actionable issues and delivers the business intelligence to all levels of the organization instantly. The outcome is an enterprise tool for improving customer satisfaction while reducing expenditure on marketing, merchandizing and capital.

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