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"I have been designing and sending out surveys to help organizations improve themselves for over 25 years. Rarely have I seen a product that radically re-defines a business the way PeriscopeIQ does. Working with PeriscopeIQ, we were able to design and send out over the Web my 95-question Quality Leadership Survey in less than 30 minutes, and I had significant responses within a day. Not only that, I was instantly able to analyze the data and gain insights that I could never do before. PeriscopeIQ is absolutely outstanding and brings survey guided organizational improvement into the 21st century. I was equally impressed with the support from PeriscopeIQ who responded to my every need in a highly professional and expeditious manner."

-- Dr. Jack Davis, Professor, St. Mary's University School of Business

"We conducted a benchmark study about company practices related to educational assistance for studies in professional designations. Our concern about aggregating the data was instantaneously resolved with PeriscopeIQ's capability to do this in real time. Furthermore, viewing the graphic and numerical results gave us an immediate picture of how we compared with the 22 companies that participated in the survey. PeriscopeIQ is a very well developed product; it has incredible capabilities."

-- Ralph P. Scheffey, Director, Employee Development, Penn National Insurance

"I am very impressed with PeriscopeIQ. Once I became familiar with the site, I found that I was able to produce and distribute surveys in minutes. I received responses right away and the instant analysis permitted me to identify early trends. I believe that PeriscopeIQ is a powerful tool for real-time business intelligence. Its flexibility, speed and analytical capabilities make it a revolutionary product."

-- Ginny Beck, Vice President, CGI Consulting Group, Inc.

"I have been working with PeriscopeIQ on a number of projects for over two years. PeriscopeIQ's people, their technology and their intellectual leadership, are very impressive. We looked at several online survey technologies, and their approach is simply the best there is. That is why we chose them to help us build and maintain our HRCompSurvey application. Beyond their technologies, their people are world-class leaders, strategists and innovators. They developed some models and algorithms that made our products the best in the industry. We are proud to have PeriscopeIQ as one of our strategic partners."

-- David B Turetsky, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Aon Consulting Inc., Compensation eSolutions Group

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