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Compensation Intelligence

Managing your compensation strategy is a critical component of your company's success

In most organizations, employee compensation is often the largest expense. Proper compensation strategies do not only have a significant impact on the bottom-line, they can also impact productivity, increase morale, improve retention and deliver strategic outcomes through targeted incentives. Research indicates that these benefits can translate into tens of millions of dollars even for a midsize company.

At PeriscopeIQ, we understand how important it is to have reliable data on which to base your strategy. Whether it be gauging compensation effectiveness or market pricing salaries, this is one area where you cannot afford the data to be inaccurate. That is why our compensation experts are dedicated to accuracy in collecting data, converting it to meaningful business intelligence and reporting it in a way that has real impact for you.

PeriscopeIQ offers a suite of solutions to help you effectively manage your compensation strategy.



We offer a unique, online compensation survey platform excellent for aligning compensation strategies with employee expectations and understanding how compensation strategies impact morale, productivity and employee retention. PeriscopeCOMP also includes a process for ensuring the effectiveness of targeted incentives.

PeriscopeCOMP is unique because it can adeptly and economically handle a wide array of compensation and incentive intelligence tasks, including:

  • National or regional compensation studies
  • Ad-hoc or client compensation studies
  • Employee benefit studies
  • Sales incentive design studies
  • Compensation value optimization studies


PeriscopeCODA (Compensation On-Demand Analytics) is a transformative application that completely reinvents how users access compensation survey data. It enables organizations to offer their survey participants access to the entire survey data online, instantly and in an incredibly user-friendly, easy-to-learn format. On the other side, PeriscopeCODA allows users to tailor the application to their specific needs with just a few clicks and view custom cuts of the data that was never before possible.

Salary Management System - SMS and eSMS

Our SMS is a fully-featured, integrated compensation management system that provides what-if scenarios for salary and budgetary planning. Streamlining your company's salary administration process can be a challenging task without the proper tools to store relevant data in a central database. SMS provides an effective solution to this problem, integrating easy-to-use data analysis tools with a consolidated database in order to facilitate quick access to the information you need to make sound salary management decisions.

SMS features include:

  • Online and Web-based Salary Planning Module
  • Windows "Wizard" Functionality
  • Electronic Survey Data Management
  • Sophisticated Market Analysis Tool with Batch Pricing Feature
  • Custom Fields
  • Multi-Level Security
  • Linkage to HRIS or Payroll System

eSMS is a web-based version of SMS that features all of the capabilties, attributes and distinctive qualities of SMS in an ASP web-hosted model with several additional benefits, such as:

  • Integration with ERP and HR databases through web services, eliminating the need for imports and exports
  • Advanced algorithms that allow automatic idenitification of user-defined exceptions, better job matching and other advanced features

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